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Long Neck Tools Have Greater Utility - Designed To Put YOU In Control

The inventor, while working on an airplane engine, needed an extension for the nut-driver that he was using as he tried to reach up through a manifold to access a difficult to reach bolt. After rummaging (unsuccessfully) through the tool box, he figured that there must be a better way - and, the Long Neck Tools concept was born.

These tools were developed to address the need for an easily adjustable, extendable length tool. Long Neck Tools allow the user to simply adjust the tool's desired length by rotating the ratcheting adjustment knob that is built into the end of the handle. As the adjustment knob is rotated, the tool shank either extends or retracts, depending on the direction of knob rotation. The user is given a very precise adjustment between full extension and retraction - the full adjustment length is from 4" up to 8".

Tools currently on the market require the user to find another tool of suitable length or attach extensions of fixed lengths to gain the required tool length to do the job. Long Neck Tools eliminate this cumbersome, time consuming method and greatly simplifies the job - which, ultimately saves you time and money and eliminates the hassle arising from the need for several tools and accessories.

This innovative extendable/telescoping feature gives screw drivers, nut drivers and socket drivers much added functionality and greater utility. Long Neck Tools is dedicated to offering it's customers new, innovative, and unique  products to help them save time and money while making life a little easier. The company hopes to begin manufacture and marketing of the highly innovative Long Neck screw driver in 2013.

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